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The British Alpaca Fashion Company winners of the 2015 BEST BRITISH RURAL BRAND has developed a wide array of  bespoke luxury textiles, apparel and knitwear from British Alpaca. All our products reflect the artistry of our designers and manufacturers  who focus on changing fashion and trends to create unique textiles apparel and knitwear from sustainable fibres. We work with fashion designers who are passionate about  fashion and design for the 21st century and British Provenance. British Alpaca Fibre is produced from our farms in the United Kingdom. Our cloth is is woven in specialist mills that are accustomed to weaving luxury fibres.

Our focus is to produce reasonably priced high quality textiles apparel and knitwear in commercial quantities for the suiting, fashion and interiors industry.

British Alpaca textiles and knitwear are classic and timeless - they do not belong in todays' throw away society!